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It’s getting there…

Fosdem is over. I heard some talkes, investigated some booths, but the fun thing was meeting Michael, Ken, Antonio, and some other guys there.
I guess there are better organized events and meetings out there, but it was worth going there (at least if it's only a 2,5h ride). Unfortunatly I didn't run into any Xfce developer, but a few of them have been there. Hope next time they will have a booths or a devroom (even if they would have to share with Gnome).
I did some improvments to Xfce Edition, added a lot of "unimportant" packages I just forgot (network-manager-applet, gimp, inkscape, evince, brasero).
So biggest issue now is to make gdm start Xfce as default, for new users.
Whaawmp is now working with python 2.4, I added a svn snapshot to Xfce Edition.
Unfortunatly due to gst dvdnav bugginess, it doesn't support dvd menus. C'est la vi.
So long...


Searching for a Totem replacement, I ran into whaawmp.
It's meant to be a Totem replacement, written in python, using pygtk and gstreamer.
Unfortunatly it's written using Python 2.5 (we don't have it in foresight, yet), so I just joined the development team, working on a Python 2.4 branch. Hopefully there will be a partial working version later today.

Isn’t it green?

I did some work on Xfce Edition again and it looks green.
Pulseaudio and Packagekit are working now.

Still a lot of work to get a stable, full featured release.
But it's slowly getting there.

migration and midori

Well, I tried to migrate to group-xfce-dist on fl:2 but I had some problems with python-sqlite and conary will remove a couple of packages, find details here.
Thanks to ken, who has built Webkit for 'GNOME Developers Kit', I was able to build and run midori on Foresight Linux (using my "do thinks that can break anything here"-qemu/win2k box).

Thunar patches, claws and everything

Now that there is xfce4 in fl:2-devel, I'll go to add some patches to thunar that didn't make it into 0.9. We need a mailclient too, so i will cook claws-mail, because it's a nice gtk+ client (for me, evolution or thunderbird, just don't feel right as default for Xfce Edition).
Later i have to start hacking on group-desktop-platform, to check what we need. I think it will turn out as a slightly modified Gnome Edition just with Xfce instead of Gnome and will step by step change things where needed/wanted. After all it's Xfce not Gnome.

A little delay

Looks like I won't have time to work on Xfce Edition before Saturday. But if all goes well Xfce 4.4.2 will be available for fl:2-devel then and we will get rid of this nasty bug in xfwm4. The recipes are already there...

All green

I'm working a bit on Xfce Edition of Foresight Linux (isn't it green), so I decided, that there might be news worthy to write about but don't expect something interesting here, I'm pretty bad at blogging.