Autohide bug fixed and some other panel improvements

  • April 11, 2004
  • Moritz


after some hilarious bugfixing yesterday evening Jasper and I identified the “Is the panel at the edge”-function to be the ’cause of the autohide bug that shows with the combination of GTK 2.4 and the CVS head panel. As the function was really a mess anyways we decided to rip it out and let the panel stick to whatever edge is the nearest. You may still alter it’s position by dragging it around but you just cannot move it into the open on your desktop. After a short discussion we agreed upon the fact that a panel in the middle of one’s desktop isn’t really likely to happen anyways.

So now all the autohide related bugs are fixed and we’re moving on to d’n’d bug reported by Francois and maybe improving the new (really well designed) add item dialog.
In general I really enjoy the presence of Jasper again .. he’s been really busy and finally has the time to get on some work or just have a good conversation on the IRC :-)
Keep it up!

Thats it for me ..


New add item dialog

  • April 9, 2004
  • Jasper Huijsmans

I changed the panel to use a dialog instead of a submenu to add a new item. This looks a bit better IMO and is more easily extendible to show extra info.

The obligatory screenshot.

Also, someone really needed to add another entry to this blog, in case people start wondering if this project is still alive ;-)