• January 17, 2006
  • Brian Tarricone

In the past week, I've gone from sharing the workload of two products between two people, to being solely responsible (engineering-wise) for two (and possibly three) products. Fortunately, I'll have some help.

This will either be very very good, or very very bad. Either way, I'm not likely to have much of a life until April or May.


  • January 16, 2006
  • Brian Tarricone

Ah, leave it to today's Slashdot poll to hit the nail right smack on the head. Yay option #2. sigh

Appfinder integration in panel

  • January 8, 2006
  • Eduard Roccatello

Hello people!

I’m finally back to xfce development. I apologize for my missing but i’ve been a lot busy with work and university. Now i hope to have some free time to dedicate to this fantastic project.

I’ve just committed a new patch to Xfce4-Appfinder widget, to re-enable drag and drop to other applications. It works as in the past and it send the name of the dragged .desktop file to the dropping application.
Xfce4-menueditor already support appfinder dnd for adding new entries and i’ll hope panel will do it soon.

What are your impressions about Appfinder?


Two Dot Oh

  • January 4, 2006
  • Brian Tarricone

Against my better judgement, I upgraded my weblog to Wordpress 2.0. Seems to be working ok so far.