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KDE articles

Usually I follow developments in GNOME more closely than those in KDE, mainly because Xfce is more closely related to them using the same toolkit and all.

But I just saw two blog entries about KDE4 that were quite interesting to read for anyone interested in desktop development. The level of integration they are talking about is not something that Xfce offers, or probably should even want to offer, but they make some good points about general desktop and application design.

Oh, the articles I am talking about are by Mathias Ettrich and Ben Meyer.

Moving to subversion

So, for those who don’t follow xfce4-dev, we are in the process of moving to subversion. After an initial hiccup of broken png images all things seem to go well. Thanks Auke!

The anonymous access will most likely be done through http, but I don’t know exactly how yet. We’ll post updated instructions to the website soon.

Xfmedia is now also in the same repository and hopefully mousepad and perhaps thunar will follow. Our current idea is to eventually put all Xfce related code in this repository; that means moving oer the goodies from berlios. We’ll see about that later, I think.

Ranting (2)

Here’s a reponse to all the noise, to try and get back to normal conversation: OSNews editorial. Great style, Eugenia.

Human communication is flawed and it takes courage to publicly accept part of the blame. Hopefully this unfortunate episode will lead to something good in the end ;-)