Hello world!

  • January 31, 2004
  • Fuzzbox

Here is a new toy to play with!

The goal of this site is to provide yet-another-way to communicate for the XFce developers and contributors community, but a less serious one. We already have the XFce main website, which provides official news, resources, documentation, screenshots etc… But because of its multi-languages support, and because of the choice of easy portability that prevailed in its original specifications, xfce.org is quite static. So I guess it was a bit frustrating for XFce developers not being able to post even a little news on it. Thanks to Bachman, XFce users have their own successful forum (more than 470 registered users!). The wikiweb provided by Biju Chacko is the place to suggest new features for XFce. And of course we also have the mailing-lists. This weblog is not intended to be *solely* XFce-centered, even if it sets up a good tool to centralize XFce related (but “unofficial”) informations, and discuss some ideas. But it could be a good place to post an unrelated interesting/funny link too, or to recommend the latest CD of your favorite deathmetal band :P

– You have to be registered to post.
– You have to be on XFce credits list to be registered. Ask the webmaster.
– When you post, choose to allow/disallow comments.

Thanks to Auke and Chuck!