Boo !

  • February 14, 2004
  • Danny

Just wanted to say hi to the world…


If you are wondering who I am, you are not alone. I sometimes wonder too ;)

Anyways, xfce related I am breaking…. uh working on the mixer program&panel plugin, allowing xfce users to unintentionally increase the sound card volume to the max, risking the neighbours hit you hard for damaging their ears… (hi Jasper ;))

Seriously though, this and some minimalist freedesktop menuspec implementation is all I ever committed to this great project… I want to have more free time to be able to spend hacking on xfce ;)
(and since I also like python and delphi, and relational databases, each day should have about 40 hours for me to have enough time ;))

Risking a pureness war here, I found “gob”, a preprocessor for C which makes gobject based work so much easier (as opposed to pure C). It has a java-like syntax and almost the whole mixer is written using it, and so far I am very pleased with gob2. Give it a try.

Either way, I’m off playing ut2004 demo since it finished downloading… yay ! ;)