gtk stuff, xfdesktop plans

  • February 16, 2004
  • Brian Tarricone

i was looking through the gtk2 api docs the other day, and i noticed they added documentation for a new GtkIconTheme class in gtk 2.4. while i like my icon finding code, it will be nice to relegate it to a fallback and use a somewhat “official” method for finding icons.

the other night i wrote XfceAppMenuItem, a subclass of GtkImageMenuItem that should make handling the desktop menu a bit easier. making use of it will take a bit of code rework that i’m not ready to do right now, so i’ll shelve it for later. you can check out my preliminary api in the header. make suggestions if you want.

yesterday tuukka sent me his work on a freedesktop.org desktop menu spec-compliant menu parser. i’ve only just started looking at it, but now i understand why there still isn’t a production-quality parser/generator out yet: the spec is incredibly complicated. i think it’s a good spec, to be sure – it has to be, to both be flexible for new ideas and to support old legacy menu hierarchies, but i’m somewhat afraid that when i hook it all into the menu system it’s going to make everything terribly slow. at any rate, it’ll be at least a week before i figure out what exactly is the best to do with this…