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  1. What is not really surprising is that everyone seems unhappy with the new XFCE file manager (XFFM) and uses ROX2 instead. I was really disappointed with XFFM and even stop using XFCE : a file manager is an important piece for a desktop IMHO, and frankly, if I have to launch Konqueror to get a usefull file manager, I’d better doing it under KDE desktop. But since I discover ROX2 (GTK2 based application like XFCE4), I’m back with XFCE :) And as I only use GTK2 apps (well, except OpenOffice), I get the desktop of my deams : light, fast and clean !

    Tip of the day : I use “rox -p desktop” instead of xfdesktop in my .xfce4/xinitrc to have desktop icons. The drawback : I don’t have the desktop XFCE4 menu, even with ROX option “Pass click to window manager” – I don’t know why it doesn’t work with XFCE4 but does work with other file manager. Not really a drawback for me, at least at first time : since I discover a menu editor for XFCE (the one which now seems to be included in CVS version) and I have to make a choice : desktop icons or XFCE4 menus :(

    P.S. : as usual, english is not my native language, so don’t be afraid with this post :)

  2. I think the fact you don’t have the desktop XFce4 menu even with “Pass click to window manager” is due to the fact that the menu isn’t managed by the wm but by xfdesktop, here it haven’t been started so you haven’t the menu.

  3. I’d have to agree about xffm, it really needs a lot of work. I’ve encountered a couple of bugs with the SMB browser, I can’t say I prefer the “long list” method of displaying files and directories, and I found other areas lacking enough that I wound up using Nautilus instead. Sorry if that sounds hostile :> I think if anything in XFCE needs a lot of work, though, it’s the file manager.

    I think I saw in an earlier posting that someone was “working on” the mixer app? Maybe it’s just me, but it didn’t seem like there was anything wrong with it at all last time I tried it?

  4. I really enjoy XFCE4, but like the above, XFFM needs a lot of work. SMB *did* work, but yeah, not anymore. Integrating XFFM with some sort of desktop icon system (like mentioned on one of the developers journals) would really solidify XFCE4. I look forward to the future of the project(s).

  5. i’ve found that while the “long list” way of displaying files and folders is strange, once i got used to it (nautilus & konqueror are good FMs but like kde & gnome, too SLOW) and all the great shortcuts xffm has (Ctrl+U/D/R/L/HOME, Ctrl+Shift+H, etc) i’m really starting to like xffm. image preview toggle seems to do nothing but that’s a trivial option (for me).

    i suppose i would tolerate desktop icons for completeness but personally, i don’t miss the desktop as a workspace! since discovering xfce4 i haven’t once gone back into gnome and i really really do not miss it at all. xfce4 is good for getting stuff done. gnome is for eye candy. where does kde fit in? kde’s for people who wish they were running windows.

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