• February 1, 2004
  • Moritz


now that we have a new member in the crew named kelnos Xfdesktop is improving daily. If you’re a straight followner of the discussions on the list you might even have his latest patch which finally brings icons to XFce’s desktop (Not that we need it ;-). Other things like different backgrounds for different workspaces and CDE’ish application icons are planned. For now kelnos’ primary goal is to get the desktop menu integration into his current code. Well well .. good luck! I can’t wait to see those CDE application icons ;-)

Apart from that this new blog rocks .. and so does it’s creator Francois. Did he actually tell you that we’re (or better: He) playing with animations for the XFce website to illustrate the way certain parts of XFce work? Its gonna be in flash .. and I can tell ya .. its so awesome.

Right, enough for this first test ..