another milestone in xfdesktop reorg…

  • March 17, 2004
  • Brian Tarricone

last night i released my latest patch that moves all of the menu code into a dynamically loadable library. the patch is basically finished, minus a small amount of trivial functionality i forgot to implement/reenable.

the patch also includes a new xfce4-panel plugin that is a button that can display the desktop menu.

please test this if you are able (remember to run autogen.sh after patching). assuming i get good feedback, i’d like to put this in CVS asap so i can move on to other things.

i still don’t have a solution for the app-crashing problem xfdesktop exhibits when it runs some threaded/gconfed gnome apps. i _have_ been able to narrow the problem down to xfdesktop itself rather than in the new menu code, as the panel plugin appears to load apps fine. i have a couple ideas of things to look at, but if they don’t pan out, i guess it boils down to figuring out what’s different between 4.0.4 and CVS head…