Its late .. I should be in bed .. whatever

  • March 7, 2004
  • Moritz

Hello fellow Xfce supporters ..

after a rather smooth saturday some movement on the cvs commits lists suddenly caught my attention. Turns out Danny was about to brake a few translations and xfdesktop ;-)
Nah .. obviously he was only fixing compiler warnings and thought he’d give the translations a try .. read that as _try_. I put everything back in place so xfdesktop’s German translation should be pretty much up to date now (for those among you who actually care about translations).

As for the progress on Xfce* .. xfdesktop is improving daily. We now have a configurable desktop menu including a shiny menu editor and icons everywhere (‘cept on the desktop). The panel developement got a bit stuck due to Jasper teaching at the university IIRC .. ah, and Olivier is doing his daily theme changes as usual. I really like the current default theme .. it even made me drop ‘preacher’ which I’ve used since about 2 month.

So .. what else is in the news .. ah, some minor backend tweaks by Brian and Benny including the integration of the menu editor backend. Nice stuff.

Did I mention that the taskbar from cvs has a right click menu? Its showing the usual xfwm right click popup for the selected task :)

So .. enough for this lousy “I write down my thoughts at 1:42 AM in the morning” poem, good night everyone …