Quote of the day

  • March 10, 2004
  • Moritz


its wednesday morning, 3 AM, I’m supposed to get up at 9 but hell ..
I gotta give you Gentoo folks out there this quote:

[longlongint64] I just emerged xfce4
[mrwolfe] wrong
[mrwolfe] you don’t emerge it
[mrwolfe] it emerges you!

I couldn’t say it better (Note: No, I’m not a Gentoo user. No, I don’t even appreciate it. And no, I didn’t ask those particular two for the right to post this quote. If they’re against it I might kindly request them to eat my shorts. Thanks.)

By the way .. quote number one still is:

[evildrew] xfce is, without a doubt, the most ass kicking thing since ass kicking began

yeah .. take THAT Slownome! *kick*