Xinerama support improved in xfwm4

  • May 13, 2004
  • Olivier

Today Jasper and Brian suggested that we could replace our own Xinerama related routines with Gdk ones (provided by GdkScreen which appeared in 2.2.x).

I’ve now replaced all calls to our libxfcegui4 Xinerama routines with GdkScreen equivalents in xfwm4. As a side effect, that makes xfwm4 compatible with SUN Xinerama which is supported by GTK+. Another nice side effect is that xfwm4 doesn’t require Xinerama to be enabled in libxfcegui4, since it doesn’t use libxfcegui4 for Xinerama anymore.

At last, I’ve also added a fairly nice theme called “Waza” I did some time ago. It uses gtk colors with nice gradients (that is only available in xfwm4 from CVS, and all 3 themes shipping with xfwm4 now use that feature)