Panel icon themes

  • June 19, 2004
  • Jasper Huijsmans

Yesterday I added a new panel icon theme implementation in CVS. The panel now follows the general icon theme, that can be set in the user interface dialog.

The goal is to have a fully themed panel with all the major icon themes (gnome and kde ones) out there, without having to create special xfce icons. To achieve this I use a list of possible icon names based on gnome and kde themes.

Unfortunately, the currently available icon themes are far from complete even for gnome and kde. I hope there will be a default icon name spec on freedesktop.org soon. That would help a lot.

So, the panel now looks for icons in this order:

  1. Xfce icons in the current theme, e.g. xfce-terminal.
  2. Gnome and/or kde icons in the current theme, e.g. gnome-terminal.
  3. A default (fallback) icon in the ‘hicolor’ theme, which is actually returned in the first looup step already.

For the new xfce icon names you can look in the icons/ directory in CVS.