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i was poking about on slashdot, and noticed an article about sun’s “looking glass” window manager. it renders windows in 3D, presumably using your hardware’s 3D acceleration (i hope). they have some screenshots up, and they’re pretty nifty. i can’t say anything about how functional that kind of stuff is without actually trying it, but it sure does look cool.

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  1. (Brian, I turned comments on, I hope you don’t mind)

    I dunno about looking glass, but there’ve been a couple of attempts at 3D desktop environments in the past (3Dwm comes to mind at least), and I’m not sure it really improves usability. I still believe that the 2D concept is there until someone comes up with another way to work with computers (ie drop the keyboard and the mouse, replace it with massive use of voice recognition or something – geez, as a side note, I can imagine an open space at work with plenty of people “talking” and their computer, hehehe)

    I think 3D will be used for nice eye candy effects, like it is already with Mac OSX, but not for real 3D desktops (as, again, I dunno about Looking Glass, that could be exactly what they are doing after all)

    Just my 2 (unsollicited) Euro cents :P


  2. On a positive note, I guess this will make the start-up time of xfce seem trivial by comparison ;-)

    Seriously, I’m almost sure I would hate this and I can’t imagine it giving any improvements in the way people interact with their computer. It does make for a cool demo, though …

  3. looks like its going to be opensourced, too. i can’t say that it is attractive, though. just a bunch of ugly 3d boxes. :P

  4. Another approach on the same stuff can be found here: http://insitu.lri.fr/~chapuis/metisse/

    Anyway, why should I waste the Power of a PC just to make my desktop a bit more confusing? The only enhancement (which is using OpenGL ATM) I would accept is the Function in Mac OS X that miniaturizes all windows so that they fit all on one screen (called Expose). I wouldn’t say no if you tried to implement it in xfce ;-)

  5. Re: similar to expose

    Using a separate application for this purpose is defintitely a good idea.

  6. As for wasting the “power of a PC” by not having 3d effects — it seems that NOT using a 3D accelerated video card a great deal of the time (say, when not playing games) is the real waste.

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