• July 15, 2004
  • Jasper Huijsmans

We currently have 62 bugs in the database. Of those bugs, 20 are marked RESOLVED, so that leaves us with 42 bugs to handle.

A little more than half of the open bugs are assigned to someone, the rest is still marked ‘new’. Some bugs are actually feature requests, while others are ‘real’ programming errors. Most bugs already have some comments on them, to clarify what is going on or to ask for more information.

If you are feeling bored or are looking for something to help us with, this is a good place to start. You could look at some of the unassigned ones, or — hey, I can try — start fixing the ones assigned to me ;-)

Oh, and if you feel something is wrong with Xfce, please help us by reporting it in the bug tracker.

Just thought I’d try and draw some extra attention to this very useful development tool. Happy bug hunting!