Beta release, Bugzilla

  • September 27, 2004
  • Brian Tarricone

Hi everyone… As you might have heard on the xfce4-dev list, we’re very close to releasing Xfce 4.1.90, which will be the first beta release of the next version of Xfce, 4.2.0. I’ll take this opportunity to re-introduce our new release manager, Biju Chacko. He’s been working this past weekend to get his system into a state to churn out release tarballs. After the release, I hope you’ll all be able to give it a try and give us your feedback so we can move quickly toward a final 4.2.0 release.

Also, many of you have probably noticed that http://bugs.xfce.org/ now points to our new install of the Bugzilla bug tracking system. I finished setting that up about a week ago, and it should help us to more easily track and fix bugs. If you had an account on the old bug tracker, it’s been migrated to the new one. Your username is now the email address you used to register, and you’ll have to ask it to reset your password, as I was unable to migrate the encrypted passwords from the old tracker. If you’re unfamiliar with Bugzilla, I’ve written up a “cheatsheet“, which is linked from the main page. You might also want to try the “guided format” to reporting a bug, which will guide you, step-by-step, in gathering the info you need to submit a useful bug report.