Updates, Updates, Updates …

  • September 19, 2004
  • Moritz

Alright, with me being back from Spain and a string freeze in CVS (Yes, string freeze .. get the idea?) I finally decided to do some work on the German translations again and (As you may witness here) I’m almost done. Xfprint has been updated recently (doesn’t show up yet since the overview is updated only once a day) so there is only Xfwm4 left which is being worked on by Olivier for two weeks now. So I’m going to wait for Olivier to finish his work and right after that I’m done with the translations for our first alpha release of the 4.2 branch.
Apart from that our new fish in bowl, Maarten Boekhold, is making progress on Xfce’s CGYWIN integration. We’re all eagerly awaiting screenshots of Xfce riding Billies best horse ;-).

Thats it for today .. I’m Moritz Heiber, saying, good fight .. good night