An evil goblin, maybe?

I usually don’t post here, but this blog is too quiet these days. The calm before the 4.2 storm, maybe?
So… let’s write some pointless chatters.

First, I’m sure there is an evil goblin in my house. I’ve lost two of my three computers in a month, including the laptop (fried CPU and hard-drive failure), and my main machine behaves oddly, whereas it was working like a charm since my last Debian installation in 2002… I’m going to install again the whole system tonight and/or tomorrow and/or the day after, so I’ll unplug myself from the internet and I’ll be back asap. I don’t know yet if I’ll choose Debian again, or switch to lunar linux, even if I’m not a source-based distro fan, for a compile-time duration question.

You may have noticed that now only shows one screenshots page. This allows to decrease drastically the bandwidth usage, including the distributed one, and finally, I prefer it like this. On the other hand, I’ll try to create a page somewhere else in order to show all the numerous and nice Xfce 4.1.99.x screenshots that the users have sent to me, probably on the Xfce goodies server.

Maybe you have noticed that the FAQ (and overview and documentation pages) have been rewritten too. If you have other Q&A ideas, they are welcome, as long as they are hm… relevant :P

I’m glad that Benedikt’s new Terminal received quite positive feedback. It’s a really great terminal application.

At last, here is a screenie. Of what? Of my desktop! You know, the one that the evil goblin is trying to annihilate. Why the hell couldn’t I show my desktop like everybody does already?? ;))


4 thoughts on “An evil goblin, maybe?

  1. Hehe, don’t we have a video of Olivier that we can show in screenshots? After all, he’s our real hero ;-)

  2. So why is everyone using the Composite/Render extension already? Is there nobody out there who prefers GLX like me? I still haven’t found a way to use them both. :(
    However, I like the transparant effect very much! I can’t wait to be able to use them!

  3. arjan, if you are using nvidia drivers, add this line to your Device section of xorg.conf:

    Option “AllowGLXWithComposite” “true”


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