Xfce 4.2.0 released

The Xfce Team is pleased to announce the availability of Xfce 4.2.0, the next major version of the Xfce Desktop Environment and Development Framework for Unix and Unix-like platforms. Xfce 4.2.0 can be downloaded here.

Xfce 4.2.0 includes new applications like a session manager and an application finder, a new and beautiful icon theme, support for bleeding-edge features (like the X.org Composite extension), usability and performance improvements, better support for multihead desktops, new and updated translations, additional themes, and various other improvements over the previous stable releases. See this page for a complete list of changes between Xfce 4.0 and Xfce 4.2.

Furthermore, Xfce 4.2 is the first desktop environment to ship with an easy-to-use and platform-independent graphical installation wizard, which takes care of compiling and installing Xfce on your system. Visit the os-cillation installers website for download links and instructions.

If you want to try Xfce 4.2.0 first, without installing anything on your system, you might want to try the Xfce Live Demo 0.2, provided by os-cillation, to discover the power and efficiency of Xfce.

A short trailer that introduces Xfce 4.2.0 is available in high- and low-bandwidth versions here.

7 thoughts on “Xfce 4.2.0 released

  1. Great work, team! I love the latest functionality. Sorry I have been slacking on the Solaris side. Been very busy here.
    *pat on back*

  2. very nice! So when can we expect xfce5? :-D

    j/k, take a holiday or something, you deserve it.

  3. xfce 4.2.0 is awesome! you guys rule!!

    i hope a 4.2.1 bugfix release will be out sometime soon, as there’s some minor issues which when fixed would make xfce even smoother!! a feature-freeze sometime soon for the 4.x series would also be great, and it would ensure that xfce is the smoothest wm in the world!!!


  4. So.. Are we soon going to get an update? A little hint of what’s going on behind the scenes? A screenshot? A roadmap? Something? :-)

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