Best rant about Eugenia’s fight with GNOME devs, I’ve read so far.

Better than Brians. And possibly even longer… ;-)

Note that I don’t mean to say anything about what really happened and whether Eugenia or the GNOME devs or anyone else was right or wrong. This was just rather funny.

4 thoughts on “Ranting

  1. While it became quite popular to rant about Eugenia, people should not forget that she pointed out some real problems in todays OSS world (most of them on the developers side). Sure, it’s easier to just write a rant about Eugenia being a bitch who doesn’t get it, instead of thinking about yourself and probably realizing that you are the one who missed the point. We’re probably way too proud of ourselves being free software hackers to realize that – with a little help from others – our products could be improved (not only for the users, but also for our own needs) if we just open the window a bit. It’s a shame.

  2. Oh, certainly. I completely agree with you. This was just very funny though ;-)

    The basic point to be learned is that the tone of a request, or a response or a comment can do so much harm that the content of what you are trying to say gets lost in the noise.

    This is what happened to Eugenia and she should know better since she sees this everyday on OSNews and other sites she is involved in.

  3. @Benedict

    Is “design by the masses” really that effective in implementing a quality product? And does the average user really know what he or she wants? From what I’ve seen the “average” user just wants a product that works, is stable, and doesn’t require a three inch thick reference manual.

    Of course, if the GNOME project does start conducting marketing surveys and starts implementing more features, GNOME will grow to be so porky that out of shear frustration people will move in droves to Xfce4 and it will be you, Herr Meurer, that will have to listen to a million feature requests. ;)

  4. Jasper: Meh, you just liked his (her?) use of “plebeian hordes”. My rants tend to be pissy; that one was just a work of art.

    Benny: I agree with you in principle, but I believe Eugenia’s balance between helping and hurting (or, rather, between being correct and insightful, and foolish and ignorant) has tipped to favor the latter. I don’t care how much good you do: if the bad outweighs the good, you’re useless in my book. Sure, I can be an arrogant bastard sometimes, but at least I’m generally up-front about my motives and position.

    Also, wrt it being easier to just rant rather than thinking about ourselves: I did think. Perhaps I didn’t brood for hours, but it was a fairly easy conclusion to make (especially after reading the d-d-l list thread that sparked her OSNews rant) that she really doesn’t understand the process, and that most of her complaints are unfounded and disingenuous.

    Admittedly, Eugenia and I got off on the wrong foot, so my bias may somewhat stem from a poor first (and second) impression, but I still have yet to see anything above-average or impressively useful out of her.

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