Well well … today I got pyxfce (python bindings for xfce) working for the first time. The initmodule looks like the most evil hack of a long time, but hey :P

Seems that most of the panel stuff was not detected correctly by the automatic codegenerator h2def. Need to code that manually. Or wait for jasper to gobjectize everything, whatever comes first.

I had some trouble with h2def expecting gobject-enums everywhere, but since ours aren’t (ours are just regular C enums) it doesnt work. After some egrep it seems fine …

Need to find out how to get the generator to find classes in other modules in the same directory. Now I get messages like ‘Could not write constructor for NetkPager: No ArgType for ‘NetkScreen*’
‘ and such kind of gibberish. Ow well… it will be defeated, eventually.

3 thoughts on “pyxfce

  1. Cool stuff! I’m afraid progress on the panel is slow, so if you want to wait for my changes you will have to be patient ;-)

  2. Sorry for my stupid comment but what is the difference between pyxfce and pygtk. AFAIK xfce4 is gtk and where is the special binding start comming up. Also you could provide the url to the pyxfce project.

  3. *tadaa official*
    what they provide:
    – libxfce4util bindings
    – DesktopEntry
    – Resource File Handling
    – libxfce4mcs bindings
    – settings client (can read xfce settings + get notified of changes[soon])
    – libxfcegui4 bindings
    – netk (window managing) bindings
    – list windows, activate and manipulate windows, application, classgroups, screens, workspaces, …
    – AboutDialog
    – session client [soon]
    – AppMenuItem
    – Clock
    – Colorbutton
    – Decorbutton
    – Decortoggle
    – FileChooser (compat to gtk 2.0)
    – FrameBox
    – IconButton
    – IconTheme (xfceish)
    – MenuButton
    – MoveHandler
    – ScaledImage :)
    – System Tray
    – ToggleButton (with arrow)
    – (small gtk and gdk extensions)

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