XWN – April 27th through May 4th, 2005

  • May 5, 2005
  • Erik

Slow week in Xfce land. But I don’t mind, makes my job easier.

On to the main event.

XFC – The TLA That Gives and Gives and Gives

The Xfce Foundation Classes keep getting cooler and cooler. This week Jeff announced libXFCglade, a C++ wrapper for libglade. Everyone was impressed.

If XFC doesn’t skyrocket in popularity when Xfce 4.4 is released I’ll eat my hat – a claim made somewhat less bold by my lack of hat.

SVN update

Xfce Dev Tidbits

Floating Panels

Jasper got a request to restore the 4.0 panel behavior to allow for floating panels. Jasper pointed solemnly to bugzilla, ye, so he would not forget.

Greedy User, Always Wanting More

New Mailwatch Plugin

Brian announced the fruits of his work with Pasi Orovuo to write a replacement for the Mail Checker plugin, Mailwatch. It seems featureful and good, things which Mail Checker are not. Brian also asked for people to test, so give it a go, if you’re feeling very slightly dangerous.

Brian’s announcement

New Help Dialog

Danny was heard to complain on IRC about the about dialog widget in libxfcegui4. Brian was heared to complain when Danny changed it and didn’t tell anybody. Jasper was heard being lazy. The lazy was documented.

It’s official. Jasper is lazy

SVN Permissions, or – Keep Your Dirty Grubby Little Hands Off My Media Player

Auke implemented more fine grained permissions on the SVN repository.

“I dare everyone to commit in

“Hey – I made a patch! Anybody?”

Tim Smith reposted a patch to Xfwm4, hoping someone would recognize his nobel work.

“Seriously guys – you there?”

Xfce User Tidbits

A Little Calendar Review

Kai Raven gave a quick review of the new calendar, with screenies

Kai’s Thumb is Definately Up

Xfcalendar Bug

Erika Meier noticed an odd bug with the stable calendar. It was much discussed, but unsolved as of yet.

Weird Bug

Sound/Theme Bug

Amichai Teumim had a very odd bug where changing sound settings caused his GTK theme to change.

Weird Bug II – Revenge of MCS

Xinerama and Workspaces

Kamil Trojan asked about using Xinerama and changing workspaces independently on each moniter. It was explained why this could not work.

Xinerama 101

Taskbar Plugins

BlackFenix wanted to add a clock to his taskbar. As a result, some users got some knowledge laid on them about the panel widget.

Knowledge – Like a Trainwreck in Your Brain

WM Themes

Andrew Conkling asked why the Window Manager Themes package seemed infrequently updated. He got an answer.

Q and A With Olivier

Fedora and Xfce

Jasper pointed us all at a tutorial for installing Xfce (or XFce, or XFCE) on Fedora.

Jasper’s Discovery

Panel Transparent

brandon of the no caps wanted to know how to make his panel transparent. He got answers

I Can See Right Through You

Xfce and Slackware

Rich Shepard had a really weird issue with Xfce and Slack 10.1. In the end, it looked like a stupid library problem.

Frustration of Frustrations

XWN – Sucking Hard

I realize that XWN hasn’t been what it ought to be lately. I have stepped into a management position at work, which means more responsibility and right now no more money. My wedding also approaches with frightening speed. Brian has agreed to do his impersonation of me when I leave, in exchange I hope to not suck so hard when I get back. When exactly will be my last XWN before I leave for my honeymoon has yet to be settled.

And I really will get back to that commits list.