• July 27, 2005
  • Erik

Mousepad development is slowed down to nearly a crawl – it’s a few lines of code a day. Hopefully that will change now that I’m not out of town litterally every other week.

The most common feature requests are for syntax highlighting, and tabs. At that point, the adding of a customizable toolbar via libexo is trivial. However, at that point Mousepad has journeyed far afield of the original concept (which was basically “What do you mean printing doesn’t work in Leafpad!”).

So, what I am thinking is to finish up this Mousepad release, and then fork the new clean codebase into a new more Ninja Coder style text editor in the style of Nedit and BBedit, using libexo and either scintilla or GtkSourceView. However, if I go down that road, Mousepad will still need some love and care which I may not be in the position to give it. Not sure yet what to do about that, but stay tuned to this space for more.