Xfce Review

  • July 30, 2005
  • Erik

I can’t read the current Xfce review on Linux Magazine – I can’t seem to find a copy in English :-(.

However, I can read this review of Xfce: http://www.linux-magazine.com/issue/13/Desktopia.pdf

Of course, that’s for Xfce 3.8.

It’s nice to see that Xfce got it right then and get’s it right now, pretty much by heading in the same direction it was going back in 2001. The reviewer praises Xfce’s following of up and coming desktop standards, the collection of handy tools that make adding it to your system easy and simple, it’s simple and straightforward configuration, and it’s low resource usage.

Today Xfce follows freedesktop standards very closely, Benny’s install-it makes GUI installation of Xfce a snap for those who would build from source, the MCS manager provides a nice central UI for configuration of both Xfce and desktop related X settings, and users praising Xfce’s ability to restore old machines to use is a nearly daily occurance.

It’s fun though, to see what people were saying about Xfce then, and now