• July 29, 2005
  • Edscott

The third GUI for xffm is coming out of the oven, and is called xffm-deskview. This GUI is a very simple filemanager that puts icons on the desktop. Popup menu, except when atop icons, is determined by the wm, if you happen to be running legacy xfwm3 or fvwm or similar. Backdrop management is left to other applications (taken from root window). The result is an application which starts up very fast and does the basic icons on the desktop thing without too much bloat.

The difficult part in this development has been the separation of GUIs and plugins from the basic xffm libraries. Now that that is done, the rest is down hill. Xffm-deskview will be part of release 4.3, scheduled for August (yeah, a month late, but the GUI-library separation *should* have been finished by 4.2, and was not).