deskview background

  • August 5, 2005
  • Edscott

To keep things simple, xffm-deskview does not set the root Pixmap, but rather takes whatever Pixmap any other application sets for the root background. Unfortunately, many programs are screwy with the root Pixmap on exit. Most will not set the persist-on-exit, but will neither destroy the property. Since the atom will persist until X exits, this leaves a bogus root Pixmap. To deal with this problem, on startup xffm-deskview will automatically assume the Pixmap is bogus (even though the Pixmap set by fvwm-root —for example— is not bogus) and fall back to a solid background. Thus, to set the background image, the root Pixmap must be set by the background setting utility after xffm-deskview is up and running. I’m thinking about wrapping fvwm-root in a gtk GUI to provide this application, if I have the time. This won’t be for 4.3.3 because the release is already on the horizon.