SVN accounts for translators

  • August 4, 2005
  • Jean-François

The opportunity of SVN accounts for translators was discussed just after the switch to subversion around March (IIRC) and at that point it needed some experimentation and testing. Now, it’s ready, translators can get their SVN account (i sent a personal mail to those who can have one, if you feel forgotten drop me a note), now the translation efforts won’t suffer delay due to committing anymore.

If you want to help for the translations, you’re welcome to join the team, just subscribe to the xfce-i18n ML and and let you know; you can watch the status of translations here; i also created some basic scripts to help subversion newbies to checkout and update their working copy, you’ll find them there.

Once again, thanks go to Auke, our (over)skilled server admin, for his work.

Happy translations…