DRM for Cars

DRM for cars.

Seriously, no joke, this system is as bad as DRM.

The trouble with DRM is that it essentially treats content owners as criminals, restricting their use of property they own, even when that use is legal.

I don’t know how it works outside of the USA, but you own that car, payments or not. A contractual defaulting of that property to someone else in the case of failure to meet payment does not make it any less your car.

Presume this: you buy a house with a loan from the bank, using the house you are purchasing as the collateral – a mortgage. What if the bank made it so that the key to your house doesn’t work? It’s not their house! Yes they loaned you the money, and yes it is within their legal right to create a contract that makes your life a living hell (by not letting you into your own freakin’ home) if you don’t pay. But it ain’t ethical.

4 thoughts on “DRM for Cars

  1. DRM applied to cars is indeed a very disturbing thing…yet if we own a car and have taken a loan against to finance it, technically part of the car still belongs to the finance company and we own part of it. So they have every right to restrict us in limited ways. We can see it as we’re only renting the car while paying the interest on the borrowed amount. We’re also paying for the gas, our car insurance america, the maintenance. The car itself still (partly) belongs to them.

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