“Use KDE” — Linus Torvalds

He-he. That’s just funny. Ah well, it may even get some bugs fixed after lots of discussion. In the mean time there is still the entertainment value, from comments like this one.

Now, back to fixing the panel customization dialog… I’ll have an alternative implementation available for testing/criticizing soon.

2 thoughts on ““Use KDE” — Linus Torvalds

  1. Hi,

    Yes but, what’s up with XFCE? There are almost no update on this site about XFCE development anymore :(

    Can we expect something soon or does the development has slow down?

    Bye Bye


  2. We are trying to release 4.4 in February. Whether we will succeed depends on a lot of things, but mostly on the availability of time for Xfce.

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