Maybe something to look at for Xfce 4.6?

Here’s a post by Ryan Lortie, who has been working on a (possible) new API for GNOME applets. The work was done as part of the Google Summer of Code and it looks very interesting.

It would be kinda cool if we could support the same API for Xfce 4.6. Most of the GNOME dependencies seem to have been dropped… or maybe, by the time we release 4.6, we simply switch to using the GNOME panel, who knows?

Or maybe I should be nice to our plugin writers and not change the panel API every major release :-)

3 thoughts on “Maybe something to look at for Xfce 4.6?

  1. no, i prefer independency on gnome, i dont want to download gnome-panel, gnome-desktop and other gnome ***** if i once choosed xfce as my desktop environment

  2. …..i think big space for impromevent is not in xfce panel, which works no great for me, but for example in thunar, smb/ftp plugin would be usefull, now when smbnetfs or fusesmb with thunar does not work, because of Transport endpoint is not connected

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