8 thoughts on “Foxybuntu

  1. Not meaning to disappoint the Sherlok Holmes inside you guys, but it is mentioned in the linked article that this is Xfce plus Epiphany. :P

  2. Ehm, it wasn’t actually a real question… It was just my fancy way of pointing at a cool idea that included using Xfce. Sorry about the confusion ;-)

  3. Include ‘Modem lights’ applet in core build.
    Those of us w/ dial-ups ISPs cannot get this as an add-on if we cannot connect to the internet easily.
    In short, one needs an ISP connection in order to get an applet.

    Is there a way to get an applet via a MS Windows PC, transfer to a USB stick and then install on a Linux PC ?

  4. Brent, that sounds to me like a question for your distribution packager. We — that is the core Xfce developers, for lack of a better name — did not develop that plugin, and I don’t think any of us has the hardware to test it. I also don’t think any of us really would want to maintain it, to be honest.

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