Back from CeBIT marathon

  • March 22, 2007
  • Jean-François

I just came back from my CeBIT marathon (i mean my one day trip to CeBIT). The first word that comes into my mind after visiting CeBIT is “_HUGE_”. This event takes place into around 23 showrooms, each of them big enough to host an entire commercial aircraft. I have been walking all day long (including a 6km long walk just for the trip to the nearest Burger King) and i’m exhausted now.

I dropped by the GNOME and KDE booth and was a bit deceived. In comparison with the other booths, these ones were pretty small and without any attractive posters, sport car :p or whatever. But I took some pictures of the suggestion board that had some interesting notes :D.

GNOME suggestions board

GNOME suggestions board

GNOME suggestions board

Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet with Jens because he was working today. May be next time.