Vala > C ?

Brian writes about ObjC being much nicer to work with than plain old C for GUI work. I just came across an interesting project that tries to improve the situation: Vala.

It’s a new language with C#-like syntax with a compiler that generates C code. Could be interesting. Although, generally speaking, code generators suck, you shouldn’t have to deal with the generated code at all in this case. The code is written in Vala, which is compiled to native code, but if you create a library it will have (or generate?) an API that is compatible with C.

I am going to have to try this some time (because, you know, I have lots of free time to spend on playing around with obscure programming languages, oh wait, I don’t ;-) So, has anyone else tried this?

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  1. “I really considered using it for a project of mine, and gave up simply because “no one else was using it” and I’d like a bigger mind share of developers on it.”

    I believe a part of this reason may be that “lazy” developers like good, helpful documentation (gathered in one place). I am very lazy, but also not good, so I even need more help, like an official tutorial showcasing more examples with Vala.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been watching Vala as well. It seems pretty decent, though I’m generally wary of code generators (probably for no logical reason). I think I’d probably like to wait until the syntax stabilises and the author considers it more or less feature-complete.

    On a side note… I’m kinda getting tired of learning new languages and meta-languages. Sometimes it’s fun, but I kinda just want to use a language I already know, but with a sane, natural interface (unlike C-gtk/gobject). ObjectiveC would fit the bill for me. (Though, to be fair, ObjC’s form of method overloading tends to increase typing requirements.)

  3. Hello
    A friend gave me an iBook but with Linux installed instead of Mac OS.
    The operating system is called XFCE.Can I remove it and install Mac OS again?
    If yes,which Mac OS should I get?
    I’m not sure which model I have but after I looked around the Internet,I think I have iBook G3 (Dual USB).
    Also,how can I find what RAM , CPU etc does the computer have?

  4. Hello Clyde. You should probably ask this question on a Mac forum. Or even You’d have a much better chance of getting a useful answer there.

  5. Dear Clyde,
    Try pulling up a command prompt and then try running the program, “top.” Should give you all of the information that you need. XFCE is actually the windows manager and not the OS; it could still be running OS X, or some Linux distribution (Yellowdog comes to my mind). Other ways to check this out is to look into /proc and look under different files for memory and cpuinfo for more detailed information. Should be able to do the following at the command prompt:
    cd /proc
    less cpuinfo

    Hope this helps, Clyde.

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