Irrational behaviour

So, I want a new phone. I really don’t need one, but I want it anyway.

This is my current phone:

And it fits my needs perfectly: water/dust/sand(!)-proof — Leonie and Guido are 3 and 1 year old now, so this is not a useless feature at all ;-) Moreover, it lasts two weeks without recharging and I only use it to make phone calls, so I don’t need anything with more features.

Still, I want this phone:

Basically, I’ve fallen for the pretty pcitures and UI demos, but I tell myself it is because it runs “real” linux.

What’s wrong with me? ;-)

7 thoughts on “Irrational behaviour

  1. I support and push everybody to buy it when it’ll be out; but no thx for me. While its software is a major plus, it lacks in hardware for my requirements..

    So, really, get it, it’s great! :)

  2. As a Nokia fan and N900 owner, I don’t advice anyone to invest time or money in Nokia Linux phones because of matters such as: number of apps and developer appeal, support, true openness (think device drivers), etc.

    Having said that, the N9 is as Linux as it gets so I can understand what your thinking. All I am saying is that it’s better to know what you’re buying in advance than being disappointed later.

  3. That may be the closest we get to a phone with OSS stack on modern hardware. Just praying it sells well causing Nokia to keep the series alive

  4. Nokia release 50 different phones each year, their single MeeGo venture it probably just going to get lost amongst the stack. Nokia might support it, just to keep MS on their toes but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  5. they want it to be a failure, clearly. so that windows phones coming in few months after it seem better accepted.
    i love how n950 is built even more, but it’s strange beast – developer phone for cacncelled platform.
    could rooted android be better choice?

  6. I read somewhere, that Nokia made the N9, because they had to. The guy said, that releasing the N9 might be in Intel’s contract with Nokia for Meego. I think that sounds reasonable.

    Other than that I don’t know how hackable the N9 truely is.

    Just take a look at HP’s webOS, which is based on linux too. They support the webOS homebrew community:

  7. I know about all the politics and expected lack of support and missing apps and all that. It doesn’t matter, I still want one.

    I hang on to the tiniest bit of justification I can find: it’s linux and every device sold could be seen as a statement to Nokia to continue support/development of maemo/meego phones.

    I told you it was irrational ;-)

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