Updates, Updates, Updates …

  • September 19, 2004
  • Moritz

Alright, with me being back from Spain and a string freeze in CVS (Yes, string freeze .. get the idea?) I finally decided to do some work on the German translations again and (As you may witness here) I’m almost done. Xfprint has been updated recently (doesn’t show up yet since the overview is updated only once a day) so there is only Xfwm4 left which is being worked on by Olivier for two weeks now. So I’m going to wait for Olivier to finish his work and right after that I’m done with the translations for our first alpha release of the 4.2 branch.
Apart from that our new fish in bowl, Maarten Boekhold, is making progress on Xfce’s CGYWIN integration. We’re all eagerly awaiting screenshots of Xfce riding Billies best horse ;-).

Thats it for today .. I’m Moritz Heiber, saying, good fight .. good night

Autohide bug fixed and some other panel improvements

  • April 11, 2004
  • Moritz


after some hilarious bugfixing yesterday evening Jasper and I identified the “Is the panel at the edge”-function to be the ’cause of the autohide bug that shows with the combination of GTK 2.4 and the CVS head panel. As the function was really a mess anyways we decided to rip it out and let the panel stick to whatever edge is the nearest. You may still alter it’s position by dragging it around but you just cannot move it into the open on your desktop. After a short discussion we agreed upon the fact that a panel in the middle of one’s desktop isn’t really likely to happen anyways.

So now all the autohide related bugs are fixed and we’re moving on to d’n’d bug reported by Francois and maybe improving the new (really well designed) add item dialog.
In general I really enjoy the presence of Jasper again .. he’s been really busy and finally has the time to get on some work or just have a good conversation on the IRC :-)
Keep it up!

Thats it for me ..


Quote of the day

  • March 10, 2004
  • Moritz


its wednesday morning, 3 AM, I’m supposed to get up at 9 but hell ..
I gotta give you Gentoo folks out there this quote:

[longlongint64] I just emerged xfce4
[mrwolfe] wrong
[mrwolfe] you don’t emerge it
[mrwolfe] it emerges you!

I couldn’t say it better (Note: No, I’m not a Gentoo user. No, I don’t even appreciate it. And no, I didn’t ask those particular two for the right to post this quote. If they’re against it I might kindly request them to eat my shorts. Thanks.)

By the way .. quote number one still is:

[evildrew] xfce is, without a doubt, the most ass kicking thing since ass kicking began

yeah .. take THAT Slownome! *kick*



Its late .. I should be in bed .. whatever

  • March 7, 2004
  • Moritz

Hello fellow Xfce supporters ..

after a rather smooth saturday some movement on the cvs commits lists suddenly caught my attention. Turns out Danny was about to brake a few translations and xfdesktop ;-)
Nah .. obviously he was only fixing compiler warnings and thought he’d give the translations a try .. read that as _try_. I put everything back in place so xfdesktop’s German translation should be pretty much up to date now (for those among you who actually care about translations).

As for the progress on Xfce* .. xfdesktop is improving daily. We now have a configurable desktop menu including a shiny menu editor and icons everywhere (‘cept on the desktop). The panel developement got a bit stuck due to Jasper teaching at the university IIRC .. ah, and Olivier is doing his daily theme changes as usual. I really like the current default theme .. it even made me drop ‘preacher’ which I’ve used since about 2 month.

So .. what else is in the news .. ah, some minor backend tweaks by Brian and Benny including the integration of the menu editor backend. Nice stuff.

Did I mention that the taskbar from cvs has a right click menu? Its showing the usual xfwm right click popup for the selected task :)

So .. enough for this lousy “I write down my thoughts at 1:42 AM in the morning” poem, good night everyone …



  • February 1, 2004
  • Moritz


now that we have a new member in the crew named kelnos Xfdesktop is improving daily. If you’re a straight followner of the discussions on the list you might even have his latest patch which finally brings icons to XFce’s desktop (Not that we need it ;-). Other things like different backgrounds for different workspaces and CDE’ish application icons are planned. For now kelnos’ primary goal is to get the desktop menu integration into his current code. Well well .. good luck! I can’t wait to see those CDE application icons ;-)

Apart from that this new blog rocks .. and so does it’s creator Francois. Did he actually tell you that we’re (or better: He) playing with animations for the XFce website to illustrate the way certain parts of XFce work? Its gonna be in flash .. and I can tell ya .. its so awesome.

Right, enough for this first test ..